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Driving Under the Influence is the cause of thousands of traffic and boating deaths annually. If you live in Florida it is likely you or someone you know have been involved in an accident either as a driver, passenger or pedestrian involving the negligence of an impaired driver.
In Florida, the law states that an individual who operates a motor vehicle or watercraft with a BAC (blood alcohol content) above .08 is presumed to have been operating while their normal faculties were impaired. In addition, those driving under the influence of illegal or even prescription drugs may be charged under the state law as an impaired operator.
If a Driver is found to be under the legal limit it does not necessarily mean they were not impaired. Although the negligent party may not be at the level to be criminally charged the use of alcohol/ drugs may still be a major factor in the accident. For this reason, injury cases involving alcohol are very complex and require extensive analysis and consideration of many additional factors to effectively represent the injured.
The Robinson Law Group will explore all potential remedies in cases involving alcohol consumption and injury accidents. The “Dram Shop” Act was designed to hold nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and other establishments that serve alcohol in the course of their business accountable for serving someone visibly intoxicated. If these establishments or their employees serve a noticeably intoxicated individual they can be responsible for the damage or injuries caused by that persons actions. In addition, if a business selling alcohol fails to request or confirm identification, ultimately serving a minor, they can be exposed to liability for the damages that were caused by that minor. Finally, if alcohol was consumed at a private home, the homeowner may be legally responsible for injuries caused as a result. With numerous avenues to be investigated in a drunk driving/ boating case, you need a dedicated attorney to make sure no stone is left unturned. The Robinson Law Group will fight to protect you and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.
If you or a loved one were the victim of a Impaired Driver/ Boater call our office toll free at 1-877-LAW-CALVIN for a FREE CONSULTATION with the attorneys at The Robinson Law Group regarding your rights.

1: Stop and assess the situation.
2: Call 911
3: If you are physically able to, get as much information from everyone at the accident scene especially any witnesses. At the very least write down the tag number of the vehicle involved in the accident.
4: Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and other vehicles involved in the accident even if only with a camera phone.
5: Only speak to law enforcement regarding your accident and notify them if you suspect any negligent drivers are intoxicated.
6: Review the police report and make sure all of the information is accurate.
7: Do not provide any statements or sign any documents for insurance company representatives or other adverse individuals prior to contacting our law office.
8: Call The Robinson Law Group at 1-877-LAW-CALVIN

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